Target encrypted document.

Tired of entering the password of an encrypted document? Wanna change your mind to decrypt it but hate the trouble? Well, some tips can help you solve the problem easily! Just spending five seconds to scan the article, a lot more trouble can be saved!!

Step 1: Select the target encrypted document.

 choose the encrypted document.

Step 2: Enter the password of the document and open it.

 When the window show up, enter the password.

Step 3: Find the “encrypt” button on the top menue, and tap it.

 Tap the encrypt button is on the top menue.

Step 4: Press the button “OK” directly.

 The window show up, press OK.

Step 5: When there pops out the reminder “Password deleted successfully”, save the changes.

 Save the changes.

Well done! Your password is cancelled! Enjoy reading your document!

Source: Intenet