Edit a fancy document

Wanna edit a fancy document in your Android device?But A lack of fonts make you upset? No worries, follow this quick guide,upload the fonts in PC to the cloud,and enrich your fonts library in Android!

1. Tap the Font cell to unfold the drop-down list, where you can find fonts in the current device and messages reminding of those not in.

 Open the drop-down list, a reminding message will appear.

2. Tap the reminding message or the “Cloud” button to switch to the cloud fonts interface. Click the “Try now” button at the bottom.

 Tap the cloud button, the cloud fonts interface will show up.

3. In the login screen, you can enter the cloud font library after sign in with your openid account.

 sign in the cloud font library.

4. The cloud font list would be empty if you were a first-time user. Tap Add Fonts button to enter the cloud fonts management screen, where you can have a download address of Kingsoft X Plats for PC.

 Enter the cloud fonts management screen.

5. Enter the download address in your PC web browser. Download and install Kingsoft X Plats.

 download and install the program.

6. Start Kingsoft X Plats on PC and switch to the cloud fonts library interface. Login again with your account on Android, then the information transmission between PC and Android can be connected.

 Connect the PC with Android.

7. After successful login, press Upload Fonts button or switch to System tab interface to select and upload the fonts you need.

 Select the fonts to be uploaded.

8. Fonts on your PC are automatically listed on the System interface. To upload them to the cloud, click the font icon. For fonts not recognized by the system, you can drag them directly to the screen.

 Upload the fonts to the cloud.

9. Switch back to the Cloud tab interface. All fonts uploaded to the cloud are in it.

 Switch back to the Cloud tab interface.

10. Back to you android, wps cloud font management interface will automatically sync display your uploaded fonts in PC.

 Fonts are displayed on Andriod at the same time.

11. Click cloud font management interface or cloud font drop-down list, download the fonts you need.

 See fonts in Android.

 Download the fonts in Android.

12. After downloading, tap the drop-down list and select the font you need.

The whole setting is finished.

 install the fonts.

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