Design Tips

Design Tips

  • Slides should be of a consistent design throughout the presentation
  • Use supporting graphics and photos when possible
  • Remove unnecessary information and graphics
  • Use contrasting background and text colors
  • Limit the number of fonts used in the presentation to 3
  • Keep the font usage consistent throughout the presentation

Presentation Tips

  • Identify the critical information for your presentation
  • Use no more than 6 bullets per page
  • Bullets should be short ideas, not complete sentences (these should be your talking points)
  • To start the Slide Show, Click Slide Show on the Presentation Views group on the VIEW tab
  • Use the arrow keys to move forward or backward in a presentation
  • Press the Escape (Esc) key to end the slide show
  • A pen tool is available for drawing on the screen with the mouse. Press CTRL+P or click the right mouse button at any time and a popup window will appear. Choose Pen and the pointer will change to a pen that allows you to draw freehand on the screen using the mouse. Press the E key to erase all pen strokes. Press CTRL+A to disable the pen feature and revert the pen back to a pointer arrow.
  • If you would like to use the pen to draw on a blank screen during a presentation, press the B or W keys, or select Screen/Black Screen from the popup menu and the screen will turn black. Press B or W again or choose Next from the popup menu to return to the presentation when you are finished drawing.
  • To hide the pointer and button from the screen press the A key.
  • Be sure to preview the slide show using a projector if one will be used during the presentation. Words or graphics that are close to the edge of the screen may be cut off by the projector.

Spell Check

To check the spelling throughout a presentation:

  • Click the FILE menu tab on the ribbon
  • Click the Spelling option