Create Speaker Notes

Create Speaker Notes

Speaker Notes allow you to create notes for each slide in a presentation.  To add speaker notes:

  • Select the slide
  • Click View tab
  • Click Note Pages
  • Click inside the notes text box labeled Click to add text
  • Type in the Notes for that slide


Print a Presentation

There are many options for printing a presentation.  They are:

  • Slides: These are slides that you would see if you were showing the presentation, one slide per page
  • Handouts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 9 per page, this option allows for more slides per page
  • Notes Page: This includes the slides and the speaker notes
  • Outline View: This will print the outline of the presentation

To access the print options:

  • Click the File menu tab
  • Click Print
  • In the Print Dialog Box, click the Full Page Slides option
  • Choose the format and click OK to print


To print preview:

  • Click the File menu tab
  • Click Print
  • The preview displays to the right of the screen
  • Click the arrows below the preview image, to navigate to other slides
  • Click the Full Pages Slides under Settings to view or change print options


To Exit Print Preview:

  • Click the back arrow from the menu to exit print preview


Package a Presentation

There are times when you may want to package a presentation with all of the additional files attached.  To package a presentation:

  • Click the File menu tab
  • Click Share
  • Click Publish Slides from the Share options
  • Click the Publish Slides button


  • Select the slide(s) you want to publish
  • Click Browse to choose a location


  • Select a Slide Library
  • Choose a folder and click the Select button


  • Click the Publish button