Slide Transitions

Slide Transitions

Transitions are effects that appear when you switch from one slide to the next during the presentation of your slide show. To add slide transitions:

  • Select the slide that you want to transition
  • Click the TRANSITIONS tab
  • Choose the appropriate animation or click the Transition dialog box


To adjust slide transitions:

  • Add sound by clicking the arrow next to Transition Sound:


  • Modify the transition speed by clicking the arrows next to Duration box:


To apply the transition to all slides:

  • Click the Apply to All button


To select how to advance a slide, from the Advance Slide options:

  • Choose to On Mouse Click, or
  • Choose After and enter a time to have a slide automatically transition after your set time.


Slide Animation

Slide animation effects are predefined special effects that you can add to objects on a slide. To apply an animation effect:

  • Select the object
  • Click the ANIMATIONS tab on the Ribbon
  • Click the Animation dialog box
  • Choose the desired effect


 Animation Preview

To preview the animation on a slide:

  • Click the Preview button on the ANIMATIONS tab


Slide Up Slide Show

This option allows you to set preferences for how the slide show will be presented. The options include:

  • Whether the show will run automatically or will be presented by a speaker
  • The looping options
  • Narration options
  • Monitor resolutions


Record Slide Show

When you are ready to record narration for the slides:

  • Click the SLIDE SHOW tab
  • Click the Record Slide Show button
  • Choose Start Recording from Beginning OR Start Recording from Current Slide


Rehearse Timings

Use Rehearsed Timings to rehearse the timings of slide with audio.

  • Click the SLIDE SHOW tab
  • Click the Rehearse Timings button
  • Practice speaking and advance the slides as you would in the presentation
  • When you have completed this, click through to the end of the slide
  • Choose whether or not to keep this timing or to retry