Office 2013 PowerPoint Tutorials

PowerPoint offers a wide range of customizable options that allow you to make PowerPoint work the best for you.  To access these customizable options:

  • Click the File menu tab
  • Click Options



These features allow you to personalize your work environment with the mini toolbar, color schemes, personalize your user name and allow you to access the Live Preview feature.  The Live Preview feature allows you to preview the results of applying design and formatting changes without actually applying it.



This feature allows you personalize how word corrects your text. You can customize auto correction settings and have word ignore certain words or errors in a document through the Custom Dictionaries.



This feature allows you personalize how your presentation is saved.  You can specify how often you want auto save to run and where you want the presentation saved.



This feature allows you to specify options for editing, copying, pasting, printing, displaying, slide shows, and other general settings.



Customize allows you to add features to the Quick Access Toolbar.  If there are tools that you are utilizing frequently, you may want to add these to the Quick Access Toolbar.